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Why Brew?

WhetstonePeople have been making wine for thousands of years, the process has not fundamentally changed since then, but thankfully as you would expect, the equipment and the ingredients have considerably improved.

The Anglo-Saxons were making a form of beer in 950 AD, and modern beer as we would know it appeared in the fifteenth century. Beer making nowadays can be as scientific or as simple as you want and you will find that with both wine making and beer making you will only be limited by your own imagination. We hope we will be able to stimulate your imagination and offer you a new approach to brewing.


Let us offer you some examples below of why people brew.

Home made wineThe first example must be the hobbyist. The hobbyist will be brewing for no other reason than it is their hobby and they will be brewing to see what they can achieve. Can they improve upon the commercial equivalent which they are trying to copy. Can they in the case of beer produce a beer which will eventually not only impress their friends but also should they be successful become a commercial award winner.

The second example is a winemaker who have access to ample supplies of fresh natural ingredients. They will almost certainly have produced from their ingredients things such as jams, pies, chutneys, cordials etc. and it is a natural progression from these to making country wines.

The third example is as an aid to the household budget. By purchasing quality ingredients and kits they will assist in reducing their household budget considerably, and that as we know is always a worthwhile target to aim for.

In recent years we have noticed approaching Christmas numerous customers who are now brewing wine, beer and even using sloe gin purely as an economical Christmas present taking considerable effort to produce bottles exquisitely labeled, corked and capped for presents at Christmastime.