Vigo Economy Crusher

Product Ref: THB00673

Price: £199.00

General Information

This simple crusher is a lower-cost version of our classic Crusher A.

The cost has been reduced by the use of a steel frame and a simple steel crank handle. The hopper and crushing mechanism remain the same. Because the handle does not have any significant weight, this model is somewhat harder work than the original Crusher A. However with a little extra effort from the operator, the crusher will produce the same quality of pulp.

How it works & after care:

Halved or quartered apples or pears dropped into the hopper fall onto the blades, are cut and then crushed by the rollers when the handle is turned. Easy to clean, simply hose down with fresh water after use.


  • Stainless steel hopper
  • Fitted contra-rotating shafts with alternating serrated rollers and hooked blades made from acid-resistant alloy
  • Steel frame and steel crank handle
  • Fits over the cage of the 12, 20 & 36 litre Cross Beam Presses
  • Fits over a 33 litre bucket for use with Spindle Presse
  • Height: 28 cm / 11"
  • Width: 42cm / 16½"
  • Length: 60cm / 23¾"
  • Weight: 7kg / 15½ lbs