Vigo Pulpmaster

Product Ref: THB000671

Price: £29.95

General Information

Simple but effective crushing tool, which must be used in conjunction with a mains powered electric drill (not supplied)

Ideal for use with the 5.3 litre press, or 6 or 9 litre spindle press

3 kg / 6 lbs of halved or quartered apples can be crushed at a time

How it Works

Place halved or quartered apples into the Pulpmaster bucket, apply the lid with spindle firmly, secure the spindle in the chuck of your mains powered drill. The apples will be crushed by the rotating blade when the drill is activated. During crushing the Pulpmaster should be used with its base on the floor and the lid should be pressed firmly with your free hand.

After Care

Easy to clean, simply hose down with fresh water after use.


    • Stainless steel cutting blade with spindle
    • Plastic 9 litre / 1¾ gallon bucket and lid
    • Height: 25cm / 9¾"
    • Diameter: 26.5cm / 10½"
    • Blade length: 15cm / 6"
    • Spindle length: 26cm / 10"
    • Weight: 0.635 kg / 1lb 5oz