Vinbrite MK 3 Filter

Product Ref: THB00856

Price: £29.99

The Vinbrite filter enables wines to be produced to professional standards both quickly and economically hence therefore conserving both time and space.This filter is very easy to use, the wine simply being syphoned from one jar to the other through the filter kit. The filtering principle is straightforward...... a barrier is simply placed across the path of the wine. This barrier (better known as a filter pad) comprises a material having countless thousands of pores that are small enough to trap the greatest number possible of haze particles, whilst still allowing the wine to pass through.A wine filter which works with a filter pad the kit includes the filter components, a pack of 6 Crystalbrite pads, syphon tube, flow control clip, locking ring, spanner, Vin Clear wine finings, Super Enzyme and a full set of instructions.