Whiskey Profile Kit

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Still Spirits have developed the Premium Whiskey Profile Kit in response to so many home distillers wanting to truly hand craft their own whiskey.

Flavour notes like peat, oak, sherry, grain and fruity esters are just some of the notes that make up a whiskey. The Whiskey Profile Kit provides all the whiskey flavour notes so you can adjust the flavour profile of your whiskey to exactly match your preferences.

The Profile Kit contains all the measuring equipment you will require for accurate dosing. A comprehensive Whiskey Recipe Book is included with many premium whiskey recipes to appeal to a wide range of connoisseurs, including approximate formulations of famous brands.

Advanced users will want to design their own whiskey completely to taste and the Recipe Book contains a full description of the attributes of each different flavour note to assist you with your design.

Highland Whiskies are produced in the northern part of the country and are typically smooth with a peaty character often with a strong sherry taste.
Lowland Whiskies are produced in the south of the country and are much lighter in ßavour, mellow and even sweet in taste.
Island or Islay Whiskies as the name would suggest are produced on the outer islands of Scotland. They are typically very dry and intense with strong, almost pungent peat ßavours.
Irish Whiskey developed without access to peat for Þring the kilns and as a result has evolved in a different manner. The predominant ßavours found in Irish Whiskey are vanilla and sherry with an absence of peat ßavour. They are very smooth and easy to drink.
Bourbon/Tennessee Whiskey is a somewhat newer addition to the whiskey family. They evolved as the new territories of the Americas became inhabited. The abundance of different cereal grains like corn and maize and the lack of peat and cold climates created a distinctive style that became known more as bourbon. Although Bourbon is outside the scope of this Whiskey ProÞle Kit, we have included a basic recipe for your interest.
This kitset will allow you to formulate your own favourite tipple by following the attached recipes or experimenting yourself to create your own personal recipe.

This kit contains 4 different whiskey base essences as well as the following adjunct ßavours.

Oak Cask
A distinctive rounded oak cask ßavour which is a main component in most whiskies.
Sweet Vanillin
As the name suggests, this imparts a sweet vanilla ßavour often found in whiskey that has been barrel aged. It also has a slight sherry ßavour.
Peat Smoke
A strong, almost pungent peat smoke ßavour that is a very prominent ßavour note in Scottish Whiskies.
Astringent Notes
A sharp, bitter, astringent ßavour that helps to add some bite to the whiskey.
Fruity Esters
Fruity esters are prominent on the nose more than anywhere else. They add a great deal to the whiskey bouquet.
Cereal Notes
Often described as grainy, these ßavour notes are a part of any grain spirit and are contained in the whiskey bases. This essence allows additional cereal notes to be added to taste.
Carob Notes
A chocolate grain ßavour that results from the use of some mildly roasted grains and can also be contributed by some varieties of yeast during the early stages of fermentation.
Cedar Oak
This imparts a distinctive drier oak ßavour than the oak cask essence and is often found in Irish style whiskey.
Distillers Caramel
This is a stable caramel colour ideally suitable for distilled spirit as it is slightly negative in charge and imparts a warm golden hue to the whiskey.
There are two bottles supplied in this pack as this is used in every recipe and contributes smoothness and mouth feel. It is naturally occurring in almost all whiskies.