Tips For Brewing The Best Beer


StoutBeer Making Tips:

When you have been brewing for many years, the process, the quantities and the timings are second nature. But most will have a few disaster stories to tell, especially in the early days. These simple tips will help the beginner to produce good beer right from the get go.


1. CLEANING: Cleaning is vital. Clean and sterilise your equipment to keep bacteria and yeast at bay. Use sulphites to remove any excess yeast residue. Bacteria can breed in the scratches on your plastic bottles, so throw them away and use clean ones.


2. WATCH THE TEMPERATURE: Brew your beer away from direct sunlight and monitor the temperature very carefully. Temperatures can vary within a room so use a brew belt to  keep a stable temperature and a thermometer to check the liquid temperature daily.Stout


3. PATIENCE! Even though your beer may brew in 4 weeks, it is at least 2 more weeks before it can be drunk.


4. KEEP RECORDS: Instructions and quantities have been carefully calculated to give you the best brew, but there are several factors that can affect how your brew tastes. Every brewing environment is different: your location, equipment, water hardness and ingredients are unique to you, as of course are your tastes. Keeping records will allow you to tweak your process so that you brew the beer you like to drink.

"Did you know...

 ...Bedfordshire water is superb beer making water"