Answers To Common Wine Making Questions


Wine Making Trouble Shooting:

There is usually a very simple remedy that will help you rescue your troubled wines. If you don't find your solution here, please call our Homebrew Helpline, we will be happy to help.

Too Vinegary
Probably caused by air getting into the fermentation process. If you are the beginning of the process, add one campden tablet per gallon of liquid and the following day add a turbo yeast.
Too Sweet
Probably caused by adding too much sugar. Make another batch with too little sugar and blend together or add vigorously fermenting must.
Too Dry
Probably caused by not adding enough sugar. Sugar can be added to the wine immediately before serving, or sugar syrup if the wine is being stored.
Too Bland
Probably caused by insufficient tannin being released from the fruit. Add a cup of tea! One tablespoon of strong tea per gallon of liquid.
Wrong Colour
Add a pinch of salt per gallon to darken insipid looking red wine.
Or 2 tablespoons of dried milk per gallon to lighten dark-looking white wine.
Too Thick
Probably caused by too much lactic acid. Add one campden tablet per gallon of liquid and stir vigorously.
Too Cloudy
Probably caused by over- heating. Move the liquid to a cool dry place for 2-3 weeks to see if it clears on its own. If not, either add finings (call for guidance on the type and the quantity) or add some good wine of the same variety to the mix.


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