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We have close to 1,000 products in our online store. If you can’t find or aren’t sure what you are looking for, give us a call 01234 353856

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Buy or rent Cider presses

The right selection of press or crusher is very important, too small a press makes it hard work and too large a press can prove to be uneconomical. All our presses come from Vigo in Devon and are British made.

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Time to get your kit on!

A great selection of wines from Winexpert for a particular season, holiday or the festival period and experience the satisfaction of crafting your own high quality and versatile wines from the world’s best known countries.

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Brew your Seasonal Beers for Christmas NOW!

A selection of seasonal beers brewed during or for a particular season, holiday or festival period and available for a limited time.

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The Air Still Pro 2-in-1 distillation system

The Air Still Pro is a small-batch, 2-in-1 distillation system that allows you to craft high quality light and dark spirits.

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Everything you need

Looking to start home brewing? We stock every conceivable piece of equipment, everything you need from the start to the finish. What's stopping you from getting involved in all the fun?

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Beer kits to suit all tastes

Pick and choose from a variety of breweries to suit your taste: bitters, stouts, pale ales, old ales, ciders, lagers, golden ales, nogs, and milds to name but a few. Join in the fun!

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Wine kits to suit all palettes

We are a Winexpert authorised retailer and we stock a variety of red, white and rose wine making kits as well as speciality sparkling wine kits. Create your own wine at home!

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A bit about us

We are one of East Anglia's leading suppliers of homebrew, wine making and spirit supplies. Whether you choose to use us as your main supplier of beer kits, wine kits or spirit products, or just one of your sources of home brewing or winemaking equipment, we know through experience that it's beneficial to pay us a visit first.

Our Products

Choose your products from the comfort of your own home in our extensive online shop. We offer over 120 different beer kits from some of the world’s leading suppliers including Woodforde’s, Festival, St Peters, York Brewery, Muntons. The Happy Brewer is also an authorised dealer of wine making kits from Winexpert with the choice of Classic, Reserve, Private Reserve or choose Britain’s favourite and best-selling wine kit, Beaverdale in 22 varieties. Thinking of making spirits then The Happy Brewer offers in excess of 130 different spirits, liqueurs and schnapps essences from the world leader Still Spirits. Maybe you have an abundance of fruit or vegetables from your garden, allotment or country walks then The Happy Brewer can supply all the ingredients, chemicals and recipes to turn your hedgerow fruits into wine.

Our Experience

Owners Stephen and Dawn Black have been home brewing and wine making in excess of 40 years and have an extensive knowledge of beer kits, wine kits, brewing products, availability, suppliers and solutions to all brewing and wine making problems plus they have a broad, wide-ranging and worldwide buying knowledge which enables The Happy Brewer to offer exceptional and superior home brew products to our customers at very competitive prices.

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