Everything You Need To Know About Home Brewing


Useful InformationThere is so much to tell about Beer and Wine Making, where do you start? We hope that you find our guides useful and informative.


Wine CalendarThe Wine Calendar

There are fruit wines and flower wines, vegetable wines and herb wines, but what is good when? Our Wine Calendar gives you a month by month guide of what's best so you can enjoy winemaking all year round.

Beer Making TipsBeer Making Tips

Making beer is easy, making good beer is an art. Here we share some of the secrets of the best home brewers.


Measures and QuantitiesMeasures and Quantities

Need to know how much in a gill, or convert pounds to kilos? How many apples do you need for a gallon of cider? Use our Measures and Quantities guide.

Beer and Wine Making Trouble ShootingTrouble Shooting

Quick tips on how to lighten or darken your beer or wine, add more flavour or calm the flavour down that you have. And of course how to get rid of those eggy smells!

Click here for beer making help.

Click here for wine making help.





Hop Substitution ChartHop Substitution Chart

Need to know which hops to use for which beers? Which hops give what tastes?

See our Hop Substitution Chart.

Spirit Diluter CalculationSpirit Diluter Calculation

How much water do you need to add to your alcohol to get the right ABV?

See the Spirit Diluter Calculation.


"Did you know...

 ...Bedfordshire water is superb beer making water"