California Merlot


Perfectly balanced black cherry and spice flavours with an easy drinking texture, smooth and silky with plenty of red berry character.


Merlot is one of the original 6 Noble grapes. The plump, lush fruitiness of this respected grape translates into a wine which perfectly balances black cherry and spice flavours  with an easy drinking texture. Smooth and silky with plenty of red berry character. Merlot is known to be a round, rich, soft and approachable red wine. Always a crowd pleaser.

If you’re looking for a red that ages relatively quickly and is full of flavour, don’t miss California Merlot, pairs well with Prime Rib, Steak, Burgers.

This kit makes 30 bottles

Type: Red | Sweetness: Dry | Body: Medium | Oak: Medium | ABV: 13%

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Weight 10 kg