King Keg 5 Gallon Premium Bottom Tap Barrel

Product Ref: THB00801

Price from: £54.95

Complete barrel with bottom tap and choice of brass valve.

The King Keg Bottom Tap Barrel is built to high standards from prime grade, abrasion resistant material. The main features are twin sturdy handles for ease of handling as well as a wide neck for easy cleaning and stands 45cm high.

The bottom tap design is suitable for the home brewer prepared to wait until the beer has cleared and is in top condition.

Your choice of valve:

Pin: Will allow for extra gas to be added from disposable CO2 Bulbs if required and doubles as a relief valve to vent any excess pressure. This pin valve will work with sparklet type 8gm gas bulbs.

S30: Is a pressure release/gas injection valve to allow the injection of additional gas into your barrel. It can be fitted to any 2" or 4" barrel with a suitable size hole in the barrel lid. It works with Hambleton Bard S30 gas cylinders or Sodastream gas cylinders if fitted with the appropriate adapter, but WILL NOT work with sparklet type 8gm gas bulbs as they require a pin to pierce them.