Vigo Classic Fruit Crusher


Our original, classic fruit crusher.


Our original, classic fruit crusher. Inspired by traditional designs and built to our exacting specifications, these machines are the pinnacle of quality in fruit processing equipment.

    • One of our most popular products. So popular, in fact, that we have sold it for over 25 years. Thousands of these machines are in use around the world, and many of the originals are still seeing good service today.
    • Features stainless steel cutters and rollers, developed specifically to pulp apples and other fruits to the perfect consistency for juicing as quickly as possible.
    • Food grade stainless steel hopper with 7kg capacity and hardwood handle.
    • Reinforced hardwood frame fits directly over the cage of our 12, 20 and 36 litre crossbeam presses for extra efficiency. Crush directly into the press.
  • Robust, cast iron hand wheel builds momentum and makes crushing easy. Even children can join in (with adult supervision of course).