Mashing and Sparging Bag

Product Ref: THB00829

Price: £9.25

A large drawstring bag made of terylene with fine mesh sides and an open mesh base. Designed for holding grain whilst boiling and sparging to extract the wort. These Mashing and Sparging bags are ideal for containing the grist during the mashing and boiling making all grain brews. These large bags can easily hold up to 5 kgs of grain. The bag is large enough to allow plenty of space for a full and proper mash and an effective sparge allowing the grain to be loose in the mash tun. When using this bag it certainly makes cleaning the grain out of the mash tun an awful lot easier. Fits the THORN, ELECTRIM or BRUHEAT BOILERS. This bag prevents grain accumulating around the element of the boiler which can otherwise cause scorching of the grain and also lead to the element cutting out. After mashing the grain can then be sparged in situ.

300mm (12") square by 350mm (14") deep